Banana Nut Bread Caramels

banana nut bread caramels

One of the best things about my new BFF caramel is that the flavor possibilities are so wide open.  Think of any dessert, candy or drink you like and then google that with the word “caramel” and you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading “Banana Nut Bread Caramels”

Swedish Coffee Cake Caramels

Swedish Coffee Cake Caramels

I have known how to make caramels for three days and still feel like I just invented fire.  The Salted Mezcal Caramels were a hit with the adults, but the kids didn’t really like them so I told Weezy I’d make some for her friends that were plain vanilla and she could decorate them.  They ended up with so many sprinkles on them that I had to vacuum my kitchen counter when I cleaned up. Continue reading “Swedish Coffee Cake Caramels”

Salted Mezcal Caramels

Salted Mezcal Caramels
Does your mixologist have a waxed mustache?  Suspenders?  Do they make their own artisan bitters?  Then there’s a pretty good chance you have had mezcal.   Mezcal is a smoked tequila that all the cool kids are drinking.  After a particularly tough day a few weeks ago I was having a pity-party and texted a friend #sendmezcal.  A few days later the FedEx guy rings my doorbell and hands me a box.  Inside was a bottle of Sombra mezcal!  I have the best and most literal friends. Continue reading “Salted Mezcal Caramels”

Chocolate Tart with Tea-Candied Pink Lemons

Chocolate Tart with Tea-Candied Pink LemonsI’ve been wanting to try David Leibovitz’s caramel-based chocolate tart for a while now.  For the crust he recommends a french pastry dough which I’ve also wanted to try.  Kismet! Continue reading “Chocolate Tart with Tea-Candied Pink Lemons”

Chewy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

chewy mexican hot chocolate cookies
This recipe is my baby.  It’s the first recipe I ever developed myself and it’s the recipe I’m most often asked for. When I ask people what I should bring to their picnic, bake sale, birthday party, the answer is invariably MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE COOKIES. DUH.  If you usually just window shop when you look at baking blogs, I encourage you to give these a try. They’re memorable, foolproof and delicious. Continue reading “Chewy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies”

Rainbow Mini Meringues, AKA Unicorn Tears

I don’t even know what to say about these.  They are tiny.  They are rainbow.  They are like delicious little unicorn tears.  They are magic stuck all around a cake, they’re amazing in a trail mix and I can say with some authority that they are also delicious by the handful.  Think this is just a Pinterest fail waiting to happen?  You are so wrong.  You need egg whites, superfine sugar and some gel food coloring.  That’s it. Continue reading “Rainbow Mini Meringues, AKA Unicorn Tears”

Earl Grey-Lavender and Lemon Tart

I had the pleasure of hosting a spring baby shower for a dear friend.  I wanted to make something really special for dessert.  The mom-to-be loves lavender.  I love lavender and Earl Grey!  I’ve made a lot of cakes that combine Earl Grey, lavender, and dark chocolate but this occasion called for something lighter.  So I decided on a lemon tart with a shortbread crust that I would top with an Earl Grey-lavender buttercream.   Continue reading “Earl Grey-Lavender and Lemon Tart”