Strawberry Matcha Meringue

Grassy matcha and ripe strawberry combine to make a meringue that tastes as cucurbit as it looks.  Stripe your piping bag with green food dye, line the sides with your matcha mixture, then fill the center with strawberry meringue.  Voila, Strawberry Matcha Meringue! Continue reading “Strawberry Matcha Meringue”

Interstellar Cake

Earl grey german buttercream gold leaf lemon curdThere’s nothing I like better than inserting myself into someone else’s special event.  But I have a pretty good excuse.  As an extrovert who is also unfortunately awkward socially, I love going to parties but struggle to enjoy myself because half the time I can’t hear the other person over the voice in my head going, “You’re talking about yourself again.  Is her name Heather or Michelle?  You should have worn the other earrings.”  I just recently figured out that I do much better at social events if I have a job, task or role.  Then as long as I’m taking the coats or washing the dishes or whatever, I can make conversation without feeling like a total dummy. Continue reading “Interstellar Cake”