Grapefruit Curd

Grapefruit Curd

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect IPA-inspired dessert.  Spoiler alert:  this post is not about that dessert because I’m still mulling it over and tinkering and drinking beer for research.  But I know a few things about this mythical sweet.  It must have hops.  It must have conifers.  And it must have grapefruit.  My love for lemon curd borderlines on fetish, so I thought grapefruit curd had to be even better.

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Carmelized Spruce Syrup

During all those walks around the neighborhood gathering violets and dandelions for jelly, I started to notice that baking inspiration literally grows on trees around here.  There are lilacs, redbuds and magnolias galore.  They all have edible parts but I was all flowered out.  Then I happened to see a post from Once Upon A Weed about spruce syrup and remembered there’s a spruce growing in the parkway just a few blocks from here.  It’s about 40 feet tall and absolutely covered in itty-bitty spruce tips. Continue reading “Carmelized Spruce Syrup”

Weezy’s Honey Cake


I love my little weirdos.  All of my three kids have special talents and hilarious quirks.  My son has an insane amount of energy, charm, musical ability and dramatic flair.  If the entire cast of a cruise ship musical production could be crammed into one person, that would be Simon on a slow day.  My middle daughter, Ramona, is artistic, soulful and passionate.  Her art teacher once told me, “She’s like a conduit, the ideas and inspiration just pour out of her.”  I wish this were a kids’ art blog because she is truly gifted. Continue reading “Weezy’s Honey Cake”