Pumpkin Cake With Molasses Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin Cake With Molasses Cream Cheese FrostingThis frosting is the best baking idea I’ve had in like a year.  I’m sort of over pumpkin honestly so when I got a hankering for a cozy fall cake, I didn’t really know where to turn.  I’m not an apple gal and carrot cake is made of vegetables.  And nuts.  And raisins.  Come on. Continue reading “Pumpkin Cake With Molasses Cream Cheese Frosting”

Pawpaw Ice Cream


Pawpaw Ice Cream

Pawpaw is the super-yummy native fruit most people have never heard of.  It is the largest fruit native to North America and grows abundantly in midwestern forests.  It’s the only fruit in its family that grows in our temperate climate.  The rest, like the custard apple, are tropical.  And the best, most delicious way to enjoy pawpaw is Pawpaw Ice Cream.

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Grapefruit Curd

Grapefruit Curd

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect IPA-inspired dessert.  Spoiler alert:  this post is not about that dessert because I’m still mulling it over and tinkering and drinking beer for research.  But I know a few things about this mythical sweet.  It must have hops.  It must have conifers.  And it must have grapefruit.  My love for lemon curd borderlines on fetish, so I thought grapefruit curd had to be even better.

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Carmelized Spruce Syrup

During all those walks around the neighborhood gathering violets and dandelions for jelly, I started to notice that baking inspiration literally grows on trees around here.  There are lilacs, redbuds and magnolias galore.  They all have edible parts but I was all flowered out.  Then I happened to see a post from Once Upon A Weed about spruce syrup and remembered there’s a spruce growing in the parkway just a few blocks from here.  It’s about 40 feet tall and absolutely covered in itty-bitty spruce tips. Continue reading “Carmelized Spruce Syrup”

Weezy’s Honey Cake


I love my little weirdos.  All of my three kids have special talents and hilarious quirks.  My son has an insane amount of energy, charm, musical ability and dramatic flair.  If the entire cast of a cruise ship musical production could be crammed into one person, that would be Simon on a slow day.  My middle daughter, Ramona, is artistic, soulful and passionate.  Her art teacher once told me, “She’s like a conduit, the ideas and inspiration just pour out of her.”  I wish this were a kids’ art blog because she is truly gifted. Continue reading “Weezy’s Honey Cake”

Lemon Blackberry Cake with Matcha Marshmallow Frosting

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Last year I decided to forego the fancy brunches and forced outings and just spent some time working on a cake that pleased my palate.  And my palette!  I wanted something light and tart paired with something unexpected.  Something that could be made and assembled quickly but still look and taste impressive. Continue reading “Lemon Blackberry Cake with Matcha Marshmallow Frosting”

Spring Woodland Cake

Edible Coconut Moss Woodland Cake Meringue Mushrooms Faux Bois ChocolateMost years my birthday is well after Easter.  So usually by the time I’m thinking birthday cake, I’m so over bunnies and eggs and pastels and spring.  But not this year!  So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a birthday cake that was also Easter-y!  I had dozens of my favorite bunny cookies and thought I’d make a pastel cake adorned with pink and white bunny cookies, pastel watercolor buttercream and a white chocolate sail.  And then I accidentally made this.  My creative process is what some might call chaotic, but I prefer the term “experimentally unhinged”. Continue reading “Spring Woodland Cake”

Interstellar Cake

Earl grey german buttercream gold leaf lemon curdThere’s nothing I like better than inserting myself into someone else’s special event.  But I have a pretty good excuse.  As an extrovert who is also unfortunately awkward socially, I love going to parties but struggle to enjoy myself because half the time I can’t hear the other person over the voice in my head going, “You’re talking about yourself again.  Is her name Heather or Michelle?  You should have worn the other earrings.”  I just recently figured out that I do much better at social events if I have a job, task or role.  Then as long as I’m taking the coats or washing the dishes or whatever, I can make conversation without feeling like a total dummy. Continue reading “Interstellar Cake”

The Perfect Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting

It’s handy to have a basic frosting for every occasion and this Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting is a decorator favorite. It holds it’s shape perfectly to show of ornate designs.   It smooths easily for a finish as crisp as fondant and is sturdy enough to weather warmer temperatures.  And the flavor! Yum! Continue reading “The Perfect Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting”

Chocolate Buttercream with Cocoa Powder

Rich Chocolate Almond ButtercreamThis week I’ll be posting three of my best frosting recipes, a basic frosting for every occasion.  Today’s topic:  Rich Chocolate Buttercream made with cocoa powder.  Some recipes call for melted chocolate.  But melting chocolate just adds more bowls to wash and more steps.  This recipe is insanely delicious and is finished in minutes.  Super chocolatey, super rich.  The almond extract and hint of salt put it over the top.  It is my most-requested frosting, hands down.  Continue reading “Chocolate Buttercream with Cocoa Powder”