Decadent Chocolate Banana Cupcakes

These chocolate banana cupcakes are insanely delicious.  Moist banana cake dipped in dark chocolate then topped with chocolate almond buttercream and a banana chip.  After getting rave reviews for these Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes, I put my thinking cap on to see if I could come up with a new take on the chocolate-covered cupcake.  This was a no-brainer.  My family says that these are the best cupcakes I have ever made.  They look so appealing and the two kinds of chocolate take it to the next level.  It’s like a decadent version of the classic chocolate chip banana bread. Continue reading “Decadent Chocolate Banana Cupcakes”

Mind-Blowing Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

These chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes are a valentine favorite at our house.  The strawberry buttercream is insanely delicious and loaded with real strawberry flavor.  Because the cupcakes are made from a mix and the tops are dipped in dark chocolate candy melts they look fancy but are pretty simple to make. Continue reading “Mind-Blowing Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes”

Bloody Bullet Hole Cupcakes

A few years ago, one of my favorite friends got her big break and landed the female lead in the FX series Fargo.  It was her first big job and an all-around, life-changing BFD.  We were all so excited for her!  When she came back to Chicago to watch the premier in a local bar, I was determined to make something really special for dessert.

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Pawpaw Ice Cream


Pawpaw Ice Cream

Pawpaw is the super-yummy native fruit most people have never heard of.  It is the largest fruit native to North America and grows abundantly in midwestern forests.  It’s the only fruit in its family that grows in our temperate climate.  The rest, like the custard apple, are tropical.  And the best, most delicious way to enjoy pawpaw is Pawpaw Ice Cream.

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Grapefruit Curd

Grapefruit Curd

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect IPA-inspired dessert.  Spoiler alert:  this post is not about that dessert because I’m still mulling it over and tinkering and drinking beer for research.  But I know a few things about this mythical sweet.  It must have hops.  It must have conifers.  And it must have grapefruit.  My love for lemon curd borderlines on fetish, so I thought grapefruit curd had to be even better.

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The Perfect Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting

It’s handy to have a basic frosting for every occasion and this Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting is a decorator favorite. It holds it’s shape perfectly to show of ornate designs.   It smooths easily for a finish as crisp as fondant and is sturdy enough to weather warmer temperatures.  And the flavor! Yum! Continue reading “The Perfect Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting”

Chocolate Buttercream with Cocoa Powder

Rich Chocolate Almond ButtercreamThis week I’ll be posting three of my best frosting recipes, a basic frosting for every occasion.  Today’s topic:  Rich Chocolate Buttercream made with cocoa powder.  Some recipes call for melted chocolate.  But melting chocolate just adds more bowls to wash and more steps.  This recipe is insanely delicious and is finished in minutes.  Super chocolatey, super rich.  The almond extract and hint of salt put it over the top.  It is my most-requested frosting, hands down.  Continue reading “Chocolate Buttercream with Cocoa Powder”

Valentine Cupcake Trio

Every year our family collects and delivers valentines, toys and books for the children at Lurie Children’s Hospital.  We have a special connection there because our middle daughter has undergone multiple heart surgeries under their care.  I also make some cupcakes for the staff as a small thank you for all they’ve done for our family.  Her first surgery took place on Valentine’s Day and every year since it’s been our privilege to shower the patients in the cardiac unit with love.  And sugar. Continue reading “Valentine Cupcake Trio”